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Welcome to the official Olde Church St. Owners Association Website. This site was built for the members of the Association to provide quick and immediate information to anything pertaining to the neighborhood. There is easy access to the common recorded documents, plats, and forms. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions Section to familiarize yourself with some of the answers from the Covenants & Restrictions.

“Located in the heart of Downtown Fairhope, the Olde’ Church Street Condos offer one of the best locations in Fairhope. 

Important Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Landmark Community Management has been contracted to handle the day-to-day operations of the Association. Their services include, but are not limited to, the financial and accounting responsibilities, common area maintenance, collecting dues, and enforcing the Covenants and Restrictions. 

Your community managers are Preston Brooks and Brooks Lyons and she can be reached at:



For repairs or any other issues with the property please contact Rob Duggar.


The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has certain requirements to modifications to the exterior of your unit.

The purpose of the process is to make sure all homeowners adhere to the Declarations when it comes to exterior modifications. This process is very important in adhering to the original vision of the subdivision. 

Further, by following these practices helps to make sure home values do not decline. It is a pretty straight forward process. We just ask that all homeowners go through the proper channels before making any exterior modifications.


All changes made to the exterior of your home must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee. 

The first step is downloading and filling out the ARC form and sending it back to your manager. The application should include any supporting documentation including, paint colors, construction material, photos of similar projects, etc.

Only two types of sheds can be installed in Jubilee Farms. Please contact Jennie for more information.

Accessory Structures. Except as otherwise provided for herein, no patio cover,
building or storage unit of any kind shall be erected, placed or set on any Lot unless such
structure is attached to the House erected on the same Lot and the architecture and character of
such structure matches that of said House. Notwithstanding the foregoing, one ( 1) accessory
building may be erected, placed or set on any Lot if such structure is: (a) no more than eight (8)
feet in height; (b) located upon the back yard of such Lot; ( c) enclosed on all sides by a wooden
fence of at least six (6) feet in height (which must be approved by the Architectural Control
Committee); (d) of the same architecture and character of the House located on such Lot; and, (e)
approved by the Architectural Review Committee.

Recreational vehicles and campers shall not be parked or stored on any Lot.
Boats shall be parked in garages or basements or shall be stored out of sight from
all neighbors and fully screened by a privacy fence of no less than six (6) feet in

Fully screened means it cannot be seen, at all, from the street or neighboring lots.

Outdoor Lighting. No exterior lighting fixture ( other than fixtures approved by
the Architectural Review Committee) shall be installed within or upon any Lot without adequate
and proper shielding of the fixture. No lighting fixture shall be installed that may become an
annoyance or a nuisance to Owners or occupants of adjacent properties. No flood lights or
security lights shall be allowed on any Lot. No light shall be attached to the soffits of any
improvements on the Lot unless the lights are recessed.

Please fill out the maintenance request form. You can also call Rob Duggar at 251-424-7211

No Smoking On Premises:
This is a “Smoke Free Facility.” Please be courteous to your neighbors and observe this policy.

Animals And Pets:

No more than two (2) pets per household, not to exceed the weight of 100 pounds.
• No animal shall create a nuisance or unreasonable disturbance.
• All dogs should be walked outside of premises.
• Owners MUST PICK UP WASTE from their animals in accordance with the City of Fairhope Ordinance.

Common Areas Including All Walkways:
• No obstruction shall, in any way, block any entryway or walkway.
• Nothing should remain outside of your door according to the Fire Marshall. This is considered a hindrance if we must escape in case of a fire.
• Do not leave grocery carts outside your door. Return immediately to downstairs cart area.

Trash & Garbage:
• No trash or garbage allowed to sit outside your door.
• Please take all garbage directly to the dumpster and close the door to prevent critters from getting in.
• Do not leave garbage inside the parking garage. Put it in the dumpster.
• Please do not put cardboard boxes out unless they are broken down. The City of Fairhope will not pick them up unless they are broken down.

Please close all gates as you are entering or exiting the building. This includes the gate to second floor on St. James St.

For your safety and the safety of others:
• Do not give out code to enter premises to ANYONE who does not live on premises.
• If you are ordering a pizza, groceries from Walmart or any other place, ask them to use the call box on Church St.
• Give them your condo unit number and they can call you and YOU can open the gate.

Neighborhood Documents

Click on the button below (three lines) to view common forms as they pertain to the community.

Association Documents

Click on the button below to enter the password protected area. This gives you access to financials, minutes, and other important documents. Please contact us if you need a password.

You Must Have A Password

Architectural Review Form

Architectural Control Committees exist to preserve the aesthetics and original deign criteria the neighborhood was built upon. Without a set of standards for exterior improvements, a community can quickly decline and you could find the value of your home value declining as well. These committees, working at the direction of the Board of Directors, can prevent a bad situation from occurring within your neighborhood.

For the reasons listed above, you must have prior approval by the ARC to construct a fence, install any sort of auxiliary building, change the paint color of your home, etc. Please review the Covenants prior to completing the form below.

  • Please submit plans, drawings, sketch, photo, permits, etc. as applicable, with this request. We must know the appearance and location of the item being placed or built.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Owners Please Note.

    It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to make certain that the improvement(s) being made to their property is done in compliance with Covenants & Restrictions, as it applies to your property.To obtain a copy of the Covenants and Restrictions you can find them on this site by searching through the documents.Please email any supporting documents to arc@lreginc.com or use the upload button.
  • Approval

    Approval for all submittals is effective for nine months following the date it was approved.Review is only for compliance with the requirements of the Architectural Review Committee. The Property Owner is responsible for all State, County, and City requirements.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Contact Us.

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Landmark Community Mgt.
30820 County Road 49
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